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What a night!

On the 2nd of November we celebrated our second ever Dia de Muertos, Day of the dead with a private event which included an array of Tacos, an authentic mariachi band all the way from London, all our homemade decorations and lots of Tequila and Mezcal.

It's something we absolutely love bringing to Pwllheli with the tradition being such an incredible part of Mexicos past and future.

We try our very best to make it as authentic as possible we create all our decorations by hand, with paper mâché skulls, skeletons, dogs all hand painted. We make thousands of paper marigolds as they are such an incredible part of Dia de Muertos (it is also impossible to get fresh Marigolds in North Wales during November). Clay skulls are moulded and painted and glass bottles are decorated, these decorations can take us over a month to make!

Our tacos by Chris the co-owner (chef Crango) always go down a storm especially this year! we had Chicken Adobado, Beef Short-rib in mole and Squash and apple tacos covering all tastes! Chris's Mole took hours on end to create with an incredible amount of different ingredients all creating super rich sauce.

We had a cocktail bar serving tequila, Mezcal and Kahlua shots with margaritas on tap and a El Diablo punch!

The night was a roaring success with everyone making such an effort with their face-paint, dresses, suits and hats! Dancing until the lights went off! Who's up for next year??

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