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Wales is spoiling us with all these new Spirits and Liqueurs!

Is it just me or is there a new Distillery, Gin, Rum, Whiskey popping up around Wales every week?

Were super lucky in Pwllheli, with Gwin Llyn Wines just down the road were able to bag the brand new Welsh spirits and Liqueurs as soon as their released. While also getting all the info on how to serve these beautiful spirits and most importantly their background story!

#GIN, GIN ,GIN... In the last few years the amount of different Gins made in Wales has boomed! We have distilleries in old slate mines, mountain edges and next to environment biospheres

We've currently got 15 different Welsh spirits and liqueurs on our shelves in Pontoon, our customers have always been so keen to try every new bottle and the feedback has been incredible!

Yours And Our Favourites So Far

I think our collection started last summer with Da Mhile Seaweed Gin which was beautifully subtle and visitors we're keen to try something more obscure to their normal G+T, we served it with a fever tree Elderflower tonic and a slice of Lemon.

Next, Foragers! Snowdonia Distillery changed my perception of Gin forever, that first sip of Foragers Yellow Gin, a slice of our own apples and FT tonic was mind blowing and is one of my favourite drinks of all time ( and I've had some outstanding cocktails in Mexico) If you haven't tried this Gin your missing out big time!

Dinorwig Distillery was new to Pontoon this year and has been one of the most popular G+T's we've had, wether it be their delicious Blue Slate, or their super smooth Seasonal Gin their garenteed to sell out here and at Gwin Llyn so be quick!

Now theres plenty more Gin I could bang on about but in the last few months we've discovered a Welsh Rum, a cold press coffee liqueur and a Violet Liqueur so this is why I'm writing a Spirit post and not just a Gin post!

Barti Ddu Rum, when I saw this bottle and read about it inspiration (a famous Welsh Pirate) and the fact it is a dark spiced rum flavoured with Seaweed I was sold even without seeing its very affordable price tag, and what a good decision I made because you've loved it! 'Kraken and Coke with a squeeze of lime please" and its then I say "have you seen this one, its made in pembrokeshire inspired by a Welsh pirate and super moorish" 90% of the time their keen to try Barti Ddu. "Wow, that is sooo silky, The Vanilla! its incredible and I think nicer then Kraken, And I've had a passion for Kraken for a very long time" need we say anymore?

Love coffee? Always opt for the Espresso Martini when you see a cocktail menu or maybe your a massive Affogato fan? Then Marsette by Snowdonia Distillery is a must try! Its balance of sweetness and bold, rich coffee is perfect, with no hint of harshness and none of that super sweet almost give you hairy teeth feeling you might get from Tia Maria and Kahlua. You have not lived if you haven't had this poured on Glasu's Pure Ice-cream or in super simple Espresso Martini.

And before I get into some serious waffling. Aberfalls has arrived and is already creating a huge buzz around its wide variety of Liqueurs. Our best seller is the Violet Liqeuer which has definitely enticed our 19-25 year olds who love Parma Violets and are avid followers of the current trend, Pinky/Purple drinks. We love to served outs with lots of fresh lemon slices, Lemonade or Fever tree's Lemon tonic.

All of these spirits we've spoken about are all found in our favourite local shop, Gwin Llyn Wines who have an incredible selection of Beer, Wine, Spirits and mixers.

We love to buy locally and the combination of Welsh products from a local independent shop suits us just right! Keep going Wales we're loving every moment of this #SPIRITBOOM .


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