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About Pontoon Pwllheli


Our Story

Pontoon Pwllheli started out back in 2015 as a popular world food restaurant on the outer harbour in Pwllheli. We had an extremely loyal local following and would often be booked out. Our restaurant was quirky and relaxing with a mixture of many items brought back from our travels in Mexico and rustic tables made by our father using scrap pieces.

During covid lockdowns, we shifted gears to provide takeaways which continued to be sold out throughout the two years. In 2021 we decided we wanted a new challenge while also finding a bit more time for ourselves - pop-up events! This allowed us to expand on our skills as artists in between events, but also provides an exciting new way to bring our food to different areas in North Wales. We have loved meeting so many new customers!

Food & Art

We are obsessed with Mexico and its rich culture.

We try and take a trip to Mexico every other year and travel and meet as many people as possible, learning their traditions and practises in both art and cooking!

Our pop-up Mexican food business and art practices go hand in hand, as we find inspiration in the country's vibrant colours, traditions, and of course, its delicious food. We are excited to announce that we have an upcoming exhibition at Y Galeri in Caernarfon next year in May, where we will showcase our art inspired by Mexico!


Mexico Travels

Our travels to Mexico have not only been about exploring the sights and sounds of the country, but also immersing ourselves in the local food culture. We have had the pleasure of staying with many families who have become our friends and shared with us the secrets of their culinary traditions. From the bustling street markets to the family kitchens, we have tasted an incredible amount of amazing food. We have been fortunate enough to taste some of the most authentic and traditional Mexican dishes. Our trips have given us the knowledge to strive towards being able to serve you an unforgettable culinary experience that captures the essence of Mexico. 



Pontoon Pwllheli opened in Marinaland, Outer habour, Pwllheli back in 2015. Chris and Anna and their amazing team spent 7 incredible years. They created such a loyal local following with it being a firm favourite for celebrations, cocktails and of course the food! Our restaurant was super quirky with hand made decorations and furniture. At night it was relaxing and romantic with candle light and world music playing.

We hosted open mics every month and had two incredible day of the dead celebrations, we also hosted many local charity events including the annual Pwllheli fireworks show with Michael Jones. Oh the memories!!

During covid lockdowns, we shifted gears to provide takeaways which continued to be sold out throughout the two years. We thank every single one of our customers for supporting us through these 7 years at Marinaland, we will never forget it!

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